Consulting Services

I work with companies who are seeking to build new markets and expand their business through focused marketing programs in support of effective sales efforts. Services include market research, branding and messaging, marketing and lead generation programs, project management, client and partner introductions, consulting on marketing and business strategies, and content creation, including copywriting, video production, and webinar hosting.

Some recent projects:

From 2007 through 2013, I consulted for Panopticon Software, which specializes in visual data analytics tools for financial services firms, and served as VP of Marketing under a long term agreement until shortly after the company was acquired by Datawatch Corporation (since renamed as Datawatch Panopticon):

  • Analyst and press relations
  • Messaging and brand development
  • Supervision of lead generation programs, including design of outbound email campaigns
  • Host and moderate an on-going webinar series focused on practical applications for the company’s software
  • Implementation of new CRM system
  • Development of a SEO-optimized website, including original illustrations and content
  • Design and project management for interactive online demo gallery
  • Prep, editing and publishing a library of demos and training videos

For ThinkTank, a software company offering a unique structured collaboration platform used by Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies to facilitate informed decision-making:

  • Development and management of lead generation programs, including inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Messaging development and collateral creation, including graphic design and layout
  • Analyst and press relations
  • Vendor management
  • Development of a SEO-optimized website, including original photography and content

For THX Ltd, a technology and services company focused on consumer electronics, automotive and theatrical exhibition markets:

  • Evaluation of market potential for new professional product line
  • Business modeling and budget development
  • Trade show organization and promotion
  • Content development for website and collateral
  • Pricing strategy
  • Partner program development

For PriceGain, a management consultancy focused on improving corporate profitability by devising and implementing new pricing stategies:

  • Project management and content development for new website
  • Lead generation and business development in new markets
  • Content development for website and marketing materials

For the venture capital arm of Investor AB:

  • Research market size and growth opportunities for investment candidates
  • Analyze competition, exit multiples, market drivers, and emerging technologies and business models

For Creandum, a venture capital firm:

  • Research on investment targets, including competitve analysis, SWOT analysis and market growth projections
  • Identify acquisition candidates

For Net Insight, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer:

  • Consultation on branding and corporate messaging
  • Content creation for new website

For Edgeware, a video equipment manufacturer:

  • Business development, including identification and introductions to key prospects
  • Procurement of Hollywood content from major studios and for use in demonstrations

For a feature film distributor (identity is confidential):

  • Research business models for Over The Top content distribution
  • Discovery of prospective technology changes and preferences at the consumer level that will affect the profitability and scalability of Over The Top content distribution
  • Identification of potential investors

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